Queens Platinum Jubilee 2nd – 5th June 2022

Many communities, near and far, will be coming together to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This kind of occasion is very rare and needs to be historically recorded so in the future it can be looked back on and memories relived.

Across the 4-day bank holiday, WPC have planned some village events for you to get involved in and enjoy this monumental occasion.  A chance to finally get out and join with your family, friends, and neighbours to celebrate after the experience of lockdown.

Event Timetable (subject to change)

Thursday 2nd June
Stamford Road Closed to traffic from 8am to 10pm
The George will be open and have more outside seating
2:00pm– Picnic on the Green.
Catering stalls will be available – Tuckers, The Village Kitchen and Ice Cream Van.
Bring your own chairs and Picnic blankets. Also, local stalls to browse.
2:30pm – Fancy Dress Competition.
3:30pm – Queen’s Green canopy. Planting Silver Birch
donated by Berry Garden Services
3:45pm – Decorated Bicycle competition.
4:45pm – CIC Traditional Costume and Dance display.
5:45pm – Cricket Match at the Cricket Club.
9:00pm – Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir and Piper performs.
9:45pm – Lighting of the Beacon.

Friday 3rd June
No events today – (Plans changed and the Tree planting is now on Thursday 2 nd June at 3:30pm)

Saturday 4th June
All Day – Big Community Lunch – A chance for you, your family/friends, and neighbours to join together with food and drinks to celebrate and toast Her Majesty’s reign of 70 years.
You can do this at home, as a street party or at Weldon Cricket Club and cheer our team to victory.
12:00 noon – Cricket Match.
More details on how to celebrate are available from – TheBigJubileeLunch.com Please do ensure you considered your neighbours where necessary.
Available to see all day at St Mary’s Church – Display of the Queen’s Coronation.

Sunday 5th June

The Bells will ring out from St Mary’s Church, Church Street Weldon.
10:00am – St Mary’s Church Service

Display in the Church of the Queen’s Coronation

10:30am – Parish Cake Competition – bring your entry to the Cricket Club. We can all get a chance to enjoy a slice after the winner has been announced. Donations to support Weldon Youth Groups.

2:30pm – The ‘Platinum Cup’ Cricket Match

Competition Details

Fancy Dress Competition –

Queen’s Canopy

We all love dressing up and the Queen’s jubilee is a good opportunity to show our creative side and dress up to acknowledge the queen’s canopy.  Planting for the future. 

Dress up as a tree, a flower, wildlife i.e., Caterpillar, ladybugs, butterflies etc.

We would like you to use recyclable materials where you can in the design of your costume.

Futter down to the Village Green on Friday 2nd June 2022 for the 2.30pm parade.

 Competition is for all ages 4-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12 to adult.

With parent/guardian accompanying children under the age of 16yrs.

Winners will be announced on the day.

To enter or need more details contact:


A person holding a flag

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceDecorated Bicycle Competition

We are turning back the clock to times gone by. Many years ago, during church fetes and village festivals, folk would decorate their bicycles and put on a parade for all to enjoy.

Flowers, rags, and ribbons were used to adorn the two wheeled transport which gave everyone pleasure and a sense of coming together. We would like to re-enact this custom by bringing it into the 21st Century.                                                  

You can decorate your bicycle anyway you like; all we ask is that it must include two recyclable materials in your creative/decorative ideas.

The rest is up to you.

One more thing, your bicycle must have a horn, or a bell and you be able to ride it.

Bring your decorated bicycle to the Village Green on Thursday 2nd June 2022 for the 3.30pm parade.

Competition is for all ages 4-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12 to adult. With parent/guardian accompanying children under the age of 16yrs.

To enter or need more details contact:qpjwpc@gmail.com

Winners are announced on the day.

Get your thinking caps on and you could be pedalling towards a prize.

Good Luck!

Parish Cake Competition

Your chance to become a local celebrity and create a pudding worthy for Afternoon tea with the Queen. 

Judging will take place on Sunday 5th June 2022 after bringing your delights to Weldon Cricket Club at 10.

Winners will be announced on Sunday 5th June 2022 before the Platinum Cricket Match.

Hurry, only the first 30 will be able to enter, so don’t delay email today and apply for your application by emailing qpjwpc@gmail.com

Don’t forget to include your recipe story.

A cake with blueberries and raspberries on top

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceYou can all get an opportunity to try these delights as they will be on sale on Sunday 5th June. 

All funds raised will go to St Mary’s Church, community work.

Drawing Competition

Enter your drawing of the Queen’s Crown or her Coach. Competition is for all ages 4-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12 to adult

Hand your entries in on Thursday 2nd at 2pm the start of our celbrations on the green.

Don’t forget to put your name and address on the back

Winners will be announced in our summer issue 

The winning pictures will be placed in our time capsule.

Decorating the Village

Your Jubilee House.

We have seen how creative you all are at Halloween and Christmas in decorating your home.  We hope the Jubilee will be no exception.

There will be all sorts of decorative adornments around the Parish, including Yarn Bombing, strings of Bunting and lots of Red, White and Blue. We would love to have a photo of your Jubilee House for our collage of this weekend’s celebrations. It will be published in our next Weldon Wide issue and added to our time capsule, due to be completed this year.  

We look forward to seeing our village decorated and send over your photos to  qpjwpc@gmail.com

Yarn Bombing Weldon.

There are crafting groups of knitters and crocheters already involved in brightening up the village in the way of yarn bombing.

Workshops have been arranged, and there is more than enough room for anyone wanting to join in or learn a new craft.  

Materials are provided. We’d love to see you, to join, get in touch by contacting us by email on: qpjwpc@gmail.com   

Sensory Garden

In this special year celebrating the life of a remarkable lady ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ we have taken her wish of the Green Canopy and have designed a sensory garden that also depicts the past, present and future for us all to remember and enjoy.  

Through the schools and youth groups we have help with growing seeds, in the form of a recycling method, plus support from members of the Allotment.

We have groups of willing volunteers, in preparing the soil/ground and planting.  This will be an ongoing project so any extra help will be much appreciated, not matter how much time you can offer.  

Please contact us if you are interested in joining others and being part of our special Jubilee Sensory Garden Project for our village to enjoy very soon and for many years to come.  

Contact details: qpjwpc@gmail.com   

The garden design will include bug hotels, painted pebbles and Bee Square areas.  How to make your own are on our website  under the file – www.weldonparishcouncil.co.uk

Weldon Parish Council

‘Connecting our community’


In honour of this, we have our own celebrations happening right here on your doorstep. Across the 4-day bank holiday, Weldon Parish Council (WPC) have planned some village events for you to get involved in and enjoy this monumental occasion.

Diary dates

June dates for your diary on the Celebrations planned are:

Thursday 2nd – Picnic, competitions and activities, choir singing, catering outlets,  plus a local Olympic celebrity lighting our village Jubilee beacon.

Friday 3rd – Celebration Service at St Mary’s Church, Church Street Weldon and Tree planting.

Saturday 4th – Big Community Lunch. A chance for residents and their neighbours and families to join together with food and drinks to celebrate and toast Her Majesty’s reign of 70 years.

Sunday 5th – The ‘Platinum Cup’ Cricket Match and much, much more planned for your enjoyment with family and friends.

Fun Activities for All

We have some activities we would like to open to all the community to join with others to really make this an event for Weldon to remember.

Yarn Bombing – learn a new craft or use your knowledge to brighten up our village.

Sensory Garden – taken her Majesty’s wish for a Green Canopy and support the environment and ‘Bee Square’ project

‘Jubilee House’ Competition – decorate your own house in red, white, and blue.

Fancy Dress competition– taking theQueens Canopy see outfits as a tree, a flower, wildlife i.e.caterpillar, ladybug, butterflies etc.

Pudding competitionput your own spin on a classic or create a new pudding.

Parade of Decorated Bicycle-find the best decorated bicycle for a nostalgic bit if fun for a custom of times gone by.

Click on the word to find out more and how to join the group and get to know your neighbours in this growing community.  A community that has shown how it supports each other during Covid19 and now we can finally get together and celebrate. 

The more the merrier.

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